The Community Council is the most local representation for the people of Kelvindale, dealing with local issues such as transport, leisure facilities, parking, refuse collection, planning and licensing.  City councillors and police attend the meetings and give reports.

Our meetings are open to all residents, and they provide a valuable forum for making improvements and tackling problems in the community.  Recent successes include the campaign to save the local post office in Kelvindale Road, the setting up of Cleveden Community Club to make use of local sports facilities, redesigning the Dorchester Avenue playpark, and controlling the noise nuisance from casual lets of Balgray Playing Fields.

The Community Council exists for the good of the people living here: it’s what you make of it! If there’s something you think we can tackle, come to a meeting or email us and get involved.

There’s more information on Community Councils on the Scottish Government’s website here.

6 Responses to HOW WE CAN HELP

  1. Sheena Davidson Mackay says:

    Pleased to hear about evening bus service. Does the group e-mail updates or do we get information by logging on to the Home page.

  2. A Dunbar says:

    Hi.. I reported the recent damage at Kelvindale Station, where the railings, bollards & signage poles have been smashed at the entrance by a heavy vehicle, not to mention the damage to the grass verge and potential petrol/oil spillage around the area ( can still be detected nearly 2 weeks after the apparent incident).

    Scotrail/Network Rail have still yet to visit the site and remove the damaged sections of metal which are a safety concern for anyone slipping/falling & also to attend to the apparent pollution from fuel spillage.

    Can you please look into this?

  3. Hi – I have sent your query on to a contact within Scot Rail and await their response. It is rather strange that they have left this matter for so long. Ken Windsor. Vice Chair.

    • Alan says:

      Thank you… as this is practically the only viable & frequent method of transportation left for Kelvindale residents, it is strange that they haven’t bothered to attend. If an accident occurs you simply don’t leave wreckage behind. My other overall concern is that due to spillages of fuel/gas type smell still evident, the canal is at risk of pollution from any run off as it is right on the grass verge at the bridge. It seems to me that this station keeps being forgotten about in general.

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