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  • The dates for our meetings in 2018 are –
  • 18 January
    15 March
    19 April
    17 May
    21 June
    16 August
    20 September and
    25 October (AGM)

       All meetings are held at  The Kelvindale Bowling Club, 91a Baronald Drive.

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Map of Kelvindale Community Council Area

Kelvindale Community Council in the west of Glasgow meets 8 times a year: its official role according to the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, is to consult the local community and to make known to the local authority and other public bodies the views of local people on all matters affecting them.

In return, the local authority has a duty to consult the council on how local services are delivered, and on other issues affecting the area.  The council has the right to be consulted on any planning applications in the area, and is also kept informed about licensing applications.

Residents of the area can attend meetings of the council, bring matters of concern to the attention of members, and stand for election.


One Response to HOME

  1. Robin Cole says:

    332, Kelvindale Rd
    My wife and I have lived at 334, Kelvindale Rd since 1981 and have had Hugh and Alison Mclelland as our immediate neighbours for the last 20 years or so. In that time we have never had any cause to complain about noise from Hugh’s yard. You may recall that the area behind their house was (before they moved in) a very neglected piece of waste ground used for dumping rubbish. Hugh tidied up this derelict area and removed a number of dangerous trees from the site all at his own expense. We are therefore surprised and shocked to hear that recently there has been a continuous stream of complaints regarding his landscape operations/business on the site.

    Looking through the minutes of of the Community Council meetings I notice that the September meetings states ‘Orange liquid at area around 332 Kelvindale Road – waiting to hear from GCC as to who owns land’. I can confirm that this coloured water has been flowing at this spot for at least the last 30 years, ie well before the Mclellands moved to Kelvindale. I can also confirm that the land is owned by Glasgow City Council but was worked on under license by the Kelvin Court developers.The water was originally less noticeable because the re-alignment of the lane for the building of Kelvin Court brought the discharge lower down the bank.

    What troubles me is that even though the Mclellands are well known and respected members of the Kelvindale community at no time has the Community Council approached them to discuss the Council’s concerns.

    Robin and Pauline Cole

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