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  • The provisional dates for our meetings in 2017 are –
  • Thursday 19th January. Thursday 23rd February,  Thursday 16th March, Thursday 18th May, Thursday 15th June, Thursday 21st September,  Thursday 26th October (also our AGM.) All meetings are held at  The Kelvindale Bowling Club, 91a Baronald Drive.
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Map of Kelvindale Community Council Area

Kelvindale Community Council in the west of Glasgow meets 8 times a year: its official role according to the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, is to consult the local community and to make known to the local authority and other public bodies the views of local people on all matters affecting them.

In return, the local authority has a duty to consult the council on how local services are delivered, and on other issues affecting the area.  The council has the right to be consulted on any planning applications in the area, and is also kept informed about licensing applications.

Residents of the area can attend meetings of the council, bring matters of concern to the attention of members, and stand for election.

10 Responses to HOME

  1. Jill Ferguson says:

    Perhaps you can share this petition which is far more pro-active
    and will be highly beneficial if it reaches the number of signatures needed.

    Residents of Scotstoun, Jordanhill, Kelvindale,
    and Knightswood will be severely affected.
    As there appears to major changes to the 4/4A bus route.

    FirstBus have indicated that the current route from the South side to Knightswood will terminate at Broomhill.

    All journeys to the south side will begin from the same place, resulting in a large section of these communities losing a vital bus route.

    This is certainly not an inviting prospect, especially during the winter months.

    They are planning an express route that will run from Westbrae Bridge to the city centre, but this is a direct express route using the expressway and will not serve those working in the west end and rely on the bus to get them to work.

    This will affect those who do not drive, schoolchildren attending Jordanhill School, St Thomas Aquinas and Knightswood Secondry, pensioners who rely on this service for social and personal needs, and people wanting to visit Victoria park and the Scotstoun Sports Centre.

    As is normal with FirstBus, explanations and clear information about routes appears only to be accessible online – a channel not open to many.

    If you are , or know anyone who will be affected by this, could you please read the FirstBus website section on changes and see if I am reading this correctly.

    If you know anyone who has no access to the internet and will be affected, please pass the word, and, most importantly, voice your concerns to FirstBus using their online complaints system.

    This petition is running on Change.org
    to save the 4 and 4A services.
    ☆ Please Sign & Share it! ☆


  2. Freda Gardner says:

    A bus is needed in Kelvindale toget to Hyndland,Byres Road, University etc.The 4a has been getting very punctual.

  3. Patricia Hunter says:

    This would cut Kelvindale off from so many areas used by people in this area. Anniesland for shopping, Byres road for shopping, cinema, socialising, library, journeys into Glasgow for the theatre, concert hall. Also for schoolchildren and students going to any of the collages. Over and above all that, there are many elderly people who don’t drive and rely on the bus to get them around. We are also encouraged to use public transport instead of drinking and driving. We all can’t afford taxis.

  4. Valerie Gauld says:

    Thank you for letting me use your detailed information to summarise the bus situation on the online petition update. You are working so very hard on behalf of the local community! I am really dismayed that First Bus have proved so intransigent, given the impact on the lives of so many local people.

    (Just one wee thing, though…did Scotland become independent when I wasn’t paying attention? I have tried to keep my own personal party political views out of this campaign, as I see it as a cross-party community matter where we can all work towards a common goal, in a non-partisan way. However, ……although, to me it often feels like it…..to my knowledge there is no such thing in existence as an “English Parliament”. Our MPs currently sit in the UK Parliament. Just saying…… 😉

  5. glaswegienne says:

    Hi there, tried your link to WordPress article but could not get it to work.

  6. Rosalyn Faulds says:

    Once an hour for a proposed bus route is not enough. We have already gone down from a successful 20 minute service, albeit some years ago to a half hotly, unreliable service which ran only until early evening and now not even on Sundays. A half hourly service to Partick might succeed. Once an hour is not an attractive offer.

  7. Rosalyn Faulds says:

    *half hourly*

  8. WilmaJamieson says:

    I have to admit I have been reasonably impressed with the M4 half hourly service to and from Anniesland – provided you want to go to and from Anniesland. It runs on time and the buses are large enough to take buggies, shopping trolleys etc. However I travelled between Anniesland and Cleveden Road today, 5 people on bus, but for some reason travel passes etc were not being scanned. Will First Bus now tell us the service isn’t being used?

  9. Alex says:

    I wish you well with this but I think you`ll find that this is a stay of execution. First Glasgow, the worst bus company In the UK, are sharks and are only interested in profit. They are terminating most local services all across the city and where a local service is retained, you get a restrictive, hourly timetable, hopeless. I`m amazed you have actually got 6 months because they listen to no one. The Scottish Government needs to get the finger out and re regulate the buses and provide competition for this lot.

  10. Having no bus arriving in Hyndland between 7.59 and 9.10 is not going to make this route successful and shows the company has not paid attention to specific points made about needs of the community.

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