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Public Transport Challenge – Online Survey

From Glasgow City Council.

To help support the work being undertaken around the Public Transport challenge we have developed an online survey, which we hope will allow us to reach a much wider audience.  The consultation was made available on the Councils website today and is being promoted through the Council’s Social Media channels.

To help ensure we capture as many stories / insights as possible I was wondering if there would be an opportunity to share the survey through the links with the Community Councils and any other relevant networks that the CPP has?  The more user stories we can capture, the greater our chance of influencing the design of future services in the years ahead.

This is their chance to influence the direction of travel – please share our short survey


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Scottish Water have sent us the following E-mail.

Good Afternoon, 

My company are currently carrying out Water Main Improvements in Glasgow and are due to start in Cleveden Road on 30th April 2018. 

The project is to improve water quality and maintain security of supply.

This work represents an investment of £1,212,111 into this area. 

It is important to us that we communicate with the local community, from residents, business and schools in the area in order that we can arrange to visit and go over the plans, in terms of the work and the plan to minimise disruption as much as possible.

Should we need to impact water supply we would be giving 48hr notice and also looking introduce an alternative supply while this work takes place to schools and business that depend on water.  

Below is a summary of the work which was attached to their e-mail, a copy of which will be sent out to all residents in the next 7 days.

Taking care of your water supply in Kelvinside.

What we are doing.

We are taking care of the water services in your community by upgrading the water pipes to ensure you continue to enjoy clear, fresh drinking water, and reduce the chance of pipes bursting.

When are we doing it.

Work will start in Cleveden Road on Monday 30 th April 2018. This
programme of work is expected to be completed within approx 5 weeks.

What happens next

 We may need to turn off your water supply. If we do, we will send you further information at least 48 hours in advance, detailing the dates and times that your supply will be affected.

And what to do.

 During the works you may experience a change in water pressure and/or discoloured water. If this happens don’t be alarmed, turn on the cold water tap in your kitchen, let the water flow slowly until it runs clear.
 There will be some roadworks during the dates above. This will include the use of
temporary traffic lights, some access and parking restrictions.
 Lining works involve preparatory excavations, lining of the main (including planned interruption to supply) and reinstatement works.
 If you have any special requirements during our work, or would like information in an alternative format or language, please contact us.

Kind regards

Joanne Craig

Customer Manager  Caledonia Water Alliance.


Old Quarry Road



G68 9NB

Telephone: 0141 212 5937

Mobile: 07921 308 483

E-Mail :

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What is the Bin Replacement Programme (BRP)?

The BRP will remove approximately 50,000 small metal bins (used for general waste) in flatted properties and replace them with wheeled bins.
The programme will also assess the recycling provision to ensure sufficient capacity is available to residents to increase recycling. Additional blue wheeled bins, for the collection of paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and empty cans, will be provided where required.
Why are the metal bins being replaced?
The metal bins are considered not fit for purpose as they are small and may be in poor condition which can lead to the spread of litter in backcourts, encouraging vermin and creating health and safety issues for both residents and council collection staff alike.
The replacement bins will be larger and able to hold more general waste. The additional blue bins will also help residents to recycle.
When will the bins be replaced?

The city wide programme will be delivered in a three year phased programme as noted below:
Phase 1 has commenced in the North West of the City and is programmed to be complete by end of June 2018.

Phase 2 in the remainder of the North and East of the City is programmed for April 2018 and will be complete by the end of March 2019.

Phase 3 in the South is programmed for April 2019 and will be complete by end of March 2020.
When is the remainder of Phase 1 due to commence?

There are 13 routes remaining in Phase 1 and the roll out will commence on Friday 23rd March 2018 and be complete by Wednesday 9th May 2018.

When will residents find out the exact date their bins will be replaced?
Residents will receive a letter from the council prior to the replacement of the bins.
Is there any way that residents can receive my new wheeled bin earlier than planned?
Consideration may be given to replacing bins earlier than programmed if a resident’s Housing Association/Registered Social Landlord (RSL) or Factor has any improvement works programmed which would add value to the BRP, for example, removal of bin shed lids or presentation of bins. The Council continues to engage with Housing Associations/RSL’s and factors to support any proposed improvement works. Residents are advised to speak to their Housing Association/RSL or factor.
What will happen at each address?
If a property has metal bins for general waste, these will be removed and replaced with wheeled bins. The size and number of wheeled bins will vary from property to property dependent on space within and access to the backcourts and/or /bin storage areas. Additional blue bins will also be provided.
If a property already has wheeled bins for general waste, these will remain and additional blue wheeled bins will be provided.
In some cases, existing standard style wheeled bins for general waste and recycling may be replaced with larger wheeled bins for ease of use.
Will there be a change to the frequency the bins are collected?

Yes – the collection frequency for general waste will change to fortnightly and will be serviced on alternate weeks from the blue recycling collection.
How will the programme benefit citizens?
The replacement of bins will bring significant benefits to citizens. The benefits are as follows –
The new larger wheeled bins are able to hold more waste, therefore resulting in cleaner backcourts.
There will be increased recycling opportunities for citizens.
The improved containment means that there is less likely to be issues related to vermin and pest control.
The new wheeled bins will provide a more responsive cleansing service through improved manual handling and safe access for cleansing operatives.
The new wheeled bins will create a sense of pride in backcourts – backcourts can become safe play areas for children.
Overall, the new wheeled bins will create a better and cleaner environment for citizens.
For further information, please contact Victoria Friary, Communications Officer, Bin Replacement Programme:
0141. 276 0639

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In response to all the questions about our side roads and when the situation will improve, our thank you to Councillor Martin Rhodes who has sent the latest information he has received from Glasgow City Council. Obviously, the situation changes by the hour. The situation as at 4.00pm yesterday was –

2 March 2018: 4pm –
Forecast –

* Road Surface Temperatures to remain below 0 C until 9am Sunday; temperatures forecast to steadily improve over the next 10 days.
Resources –

* 510 Operatives and 59 front-line managers and supervisors delivering winter services.
* Roads – 22 large gritting vehicles treating secondary routes throughout today. Single treatment to Priority 1 routes this evening.
* Parks & Streetscene – 41 mechanised gritting vehicles focussing on residential areas.

* External operatives and plant continue to clear access pathways to residential areas.
* Inspectorate and technical staff co-ordinating and managing external resources.
* 4 temporary patching squads attending potholes on main routes.
* Cleansing service assisting with snow clearance and/or street litter removal.

Carriageways –

* All main roads running clear with exception of Balmore Road. Currently being inspected.
* CCTV cameras and on-site inspections indicate that approx. 30% of residential roads are passable. Resources will continue to plough and grit residential roads Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Footways –

* City Centre footways treated today with pathways ploughed and gritted. Many areas with accumulations continue to be treated. City centre footways to be treated again at 0530hrs Saturday.
* Resources continue to clear pathways through residential areas.
* Resources remain available to attend to emergency service requests.

Forward Planning –

* Inspections underway to assess condition of priority footway routes around schools to plan treatment throughout the weekend in advance of return on Monday.
* Areas around football stadia have been attended to and being inspected.
* The objective over the weekend is to make all carriageway routes passable and clear priority footway routes.
* Detailed plans and specialised plant are in place to manage post thaw floods and potholes forming.
* Refuse collection recovery plan has been developed with associated communications. Additional resources are being planned to be deployed to assist with missed collections.

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Casualty service to re-open in Glasgow’s West End


A CASUALTY unit is to re-open in the Glasgow‘s West End following a “significant spike” in patient numbers over the cold snap.

From January 3, patients suffering from broken bones, cuts and other minor injuries will have access to emergency treatment at the West Glasgow Ambulatory Care Hospital (formerly Yorkhill Hospital).

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said the recent icy weather had led to a surge in patients with breaks and sprains and that it had taken the decision to re-open the Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) until March to cover the winter period.

The service, which is staffed by emergency nurse practitioners, was axed last year shortly before Christmas with staff transferred to the Queen Elizabeth UniversityHospital.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said patient numbers had been lower than expected and that the transferral would strengthen emergency services at the QEUH.

The full Evening Times story is here –




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