In response to all the questions about our side roads and when the situation will improve, our thank you to Councillor Martin Rhodes who has sent the latest information he has received from Glasgow City Council. Obviously, the situation changes by the hour. The situation as at 4.00pm yesterday was –

2 March 2018: 4pm –
Forecast –

* Road Surface Temperatures to remain below 0 C until 9am Sunday; temperatures forecast to steadily improve over the next 10 days.
Resources –

* 510 Operatives and 59 front-line managers and supervisors delivering winter services.
* Roads – 22 large gritting vehicles treating secondary routes throughout today. Single treatment to Priority 1 routes this evening.
* Parks & Streetscene – 41 mechanised gritting vehicles focussing on residential areas.

* External operatives and plant continue to clear access pathways to residential areas.
* Inspectorate and technical staff co-ordinating and managing external resources.
* 4 temporary patching squads attending potholes on main routes.
* Cleansing service assisting with snow clearance and/or street litter removal.

Carriageways –

* All main roads running clear with exception of Balmore Road. Currently being inspected.
* CCTV cameras and on-site inspections indicate that approx. 30% of residential roads are passable. Resources will continue to plough and grit residential roads Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Footways –

* City Centre footways treated today with pathways ploughed and gritted. Many areas with accumulations continue to be treated. City centre footways to be treated again at 0530hrs Saturday.
* Resources continue to clear pathways through residential areas.
* Resources remain available to attend to emergency service requests.

Forward Planning –

* Inspections underway to assess condition of priority footway routes around schools to plan treatment throughout the weekend in advance of return on Monday.
* Areas around football stadia have been attended to and being inspected.
* The objective over the weekend is to make all carriageway routes passable and clear priority footway routes.
* Detailed plans and specialised plant are in place to manage post thaw floods and potholes forming.
* Refuse collection recovery plan has been developed with associated communications. Additional resources are being planned to be deployed to assist with missed collections.

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Casualty service to re-open in Glasgow’s West End


A CASUALTY unit is to re-open in the Glasgow‘s West End following a “significant spike” in patient numbers over the cold snap.

From January 3, patients suffering from broken bones, cuts and other minor injuries will have access to emergency treatment at the West Glasgow Ambulatory Care Hospital (formerly Yorkhill Hospital).

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said the recent icy weather had led to a surge in patients with breaks and sprains and that it had taken the decision to re-open the Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) until March to cover the winter period.

The service, which is staffed by emergency nurse practitioners, was axed last year shortly before Christmas with staff transferred to the Queen Elizabeth UniversityHospital.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said patient numbers had been lower than expected and that the transferral would strengthen emergency services at the QEUH.

The full Evening Times story is here –




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We have just been informed that the Gas Holders have been given LISTED BUILDING STATUS CATEGORY B by Historic Environment Scotland. This means they were listed within the category which states that they are “Buildings of regional or more than local importance; or major examples of some particular period, style or building type, which may have been altered. “

Further information can be found here -



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Dorchester Avenue Planning Application.


Although the initial message we had from Glasgow City Council indicated approval of this project as we initially reported, we have today received this message from Glasgow City Council which indicates that this mater is in fact still ongoing. 12th October, 2017.

“This application was continued to allow for further discussion and action by the applicants principally on the issue of car parking in the proposal. The application will be reported again when this further information is provided.It is hoped that this may be in time for the next Planning Applications Committee.”


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Yesterday I attended the Glasgow Transport Summit at the City Chambers. The attached video made by Glasgow City Council is over 5 and half hours long. I have to admit that half way through the event I closed my eyes – and all I could see were bar graphs and lines jumping up and down in the dark – yes it was that intense ! Each of you will have your own opinion as to the way forward with regard to the future transport policy in Glasgow. It would seem as a summary that the consensus of opinion seemed to be that the issues of traffic congestion, emissions and modes of travel need to be addressed. The effects on our health and lifestyle of using cycling and walking as alternatives to motor-driven vehicles are enormous. The bus service does need a shift in emphasis towards a system serving more of the population and Glasgow Queen Street Station redevelopment – well “It will be nice when it is finished.” I do not expect you to trawl all the way through the video but congratulations to Glasgow City Council for making the video public. Of particular interest is the presentation by Eric Stewart, Asst Chief Executive of SPT at 4 hours 48 minutes.


If the video is slow in playing on this page – then just search for GLASGOW TRANSPORT SUMMIT on the  YOU TUBE to play it on the You Tube site.


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Consultation on Free Bus Travel for Older and Disabled People and Modern Apprentices :

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Yes folks, yet another consultation document. I have had a quick look and it does seems simpler than the previous one posted here. Don’t panic Mr Mainwairing, they are not proposing to scrap the scheme altogether.

They say – “The Scottish Government is committed to providing access to free bus travel for older and disabled people. The options for change which are consistent with this commitment involve raising the age of eligibility for older people. In this paper, we invite views on whether such changes should be considered at this time, either by raising the age in one go or gradually to bring it into line with the State Pension age, which will be equalised for men and women in 2018.”

So, have a look at what they have to say, and hopefully you will be able to use their system to let them know your thoughts.

And – do not forget that even if you only use the train and not the Bus – the pass does give you reduced train fares for holders of the Concession Card. It is far more than just “A Bus pass” these days.



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