Nominations are invited from residents who are 16 years or over to join Kelvindale Community Council

1. Qualification

Anyone over 16 years of age who resides within the Community Council boundary area can stand for election. All that is required is that the candidate, proposer and seconders’ names appear on the Electoral Register. (Alternative measures for identification and residency status of candidates may be undertaken in certain circumstances)

2. Vacancies

There are currently 6 vacancies being advertised for Kelvindale Community Council.

3. Closing Date

Valid nomination forms must be submitted to Glasgow City Council (see below) by Friday 2nd August 2019.

4. Filling Vacancies

Uncontested Election Meeting:

Should 6 or fewer valid nominations be submitted to Glasgow City Council by Friday 2nd August 2019, the candidates will be elected unopposed on Thursday 15th August 2019 at 7:30pm in Kelvindale Bowling & Lawn Tennis Club, 91A Baronald Drive, Kelvindale, Glasgow G12 0HP.

Contested Election – Secret Ballot:

Should more than 6 valid nominations be submitted to Glasgow City Council by Friday 2nd August 2019, a secret ballot will take place in Kelvindale Bowling & Lawn Tennis Club, 91A Baronald Drive, Kelvindale, Glasgow G12 0HP on Thursday 15th August 2019.

Qualifying residents* will be entitled to cast up to 6 votes during the ballot opening hours 5.30pm – 8.30pm. A list of candidates will be publicly advertised before the secret ballot. The results of the secret ballot will be confirmed at the next scheduled meeting of the community council.

*To vote at a Community Council election, residents’ names and addresses must appear on the Electoral Register or be confirmed using the alternative measures (see Qualification above).

Steven Dowling – Community Council Officer
Community Empowerment Services
Glasgow City Council
City Chambers
82 George Square
Glasgow G2 1DU

Tel. 0141 287 4111

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Funding available for certain Community Projects through the Glasgow City Council Area Partnership.


PLEASE NOTE: – The following processes are in place for potential applications to the local area
budget funding – detailed below –
 All Enquiries/Applications for this funding are now managed from a Central Mailbox Address
– which is;
 When requesting an Application Form – please send an E-mail to
asking for a copy of the Application Form and Guidance Notes – (for the relevant financial
year – at present this will be for 2019/2020);
 Once this e-mail is received at the CPP mailbox, an Automatic Message will be issued in
which a link is provided. Once clicked on – the link goes to the Glasgow City Council
Website and the section called Area Partnership Budgets;
 In this section, there are a number of documents listed i.e. the application form, the guidance
notes etc. Included in the list is a document called Area Partnership Meeting Dates,
Deadlines and Priorities. It is in this document that the area partnership meeting dates, and
the priorities can be found for each respective area partnership. Also included in this
document are the Deadlines by which the completed application form plus all of the required
supporting documentation need to be submitted, for each respective area partnership;
 Please Note – that the Guidance Notes are read before completing the application form. This
is to ensure that both the Organisation and the proposed Project Meet the Eligibility Criteria
for this funding. Information on what can / cannot be supported by the local area budget
funding is also included in the guidance notes;
 Please also Note – Projects cannot be funded Retrospectively and any projects that might be
awarded funding must be delivered and the funding spent before the end of the Financial
Year Deadline which in this case will be 31 st March 2020 – N.B. there is no flexibility on this;
 It is also Important to Note – For ALL Applications – the completed application form plus all
of the required supporting documentation etc need to be sent back to the CPP mailbox i.e. PLEASE DO NOT send it to an individual Officer as the application
etc might not be received at the correct office and could be lost;
 Once all of the information has been received at the CPP mailbox – an Automatic Message is
issued which provides the Acknowledgement that the application form etc has been
received. This message also provides details on the next steps in the process;
 Please see below the Amounts of Local Area Budget Funding that can be applied for –
a) Minimum Amount £300;
b) Applications between £300 up to £500 (e.g. Bus Hire) are considered under the Delegated
Authority Scheme on a monthly basis. Applications should be submitted as soon as
possible for decisions to be made by 1 st of each month;
c) Maximum Amounts –
 £350 for bus trips;
 £500 for team strips;
 £1,000 for residential trips; and
 £5,000 for community events

d) Maximum Amount that One organisation can apply for in One Financial Year for the
Partick East/Kelvindale – Ward 23 area – £6,028.00;
 Please further Note, should you wish to discuss a potential application before completing
the Form, please contact Naj Chauhdry, Glasgow City Council, Partnership and Development
Officer on Tel.No: 0141 276 9877 or by E-mail –;
 Should you require assistance in completing an Application Form please contact/make an
appointment with Phil Broadley, Capacity Building Officer, Glasgow Council for Voluntary
Sector(GCVS) on Tel.No: 0141 332 2444 or by E-mail –


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A sad loss for our Community.


It is with great sadness that the Community Council announces the death of Mrs Mohammad.

Mrs Mohammad, along with her husband, came to Kelvindale in January 1972 and they have run the shop and post office on Kelvindale Road for 47 years. She was a familiar sight in Kelvindale and very much part of the community. She will be sadly missed.

Our condolences go out to Mr Mohammed and his family.

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Changes within the Private Renting sector.

Although Shelter is well known for work with the homeless, they do of course carry out a wide range of work within all aspects of housing matters. There have been recent changes to the Private Renting sector – and Shelter have put together this short information video.


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EVERYDAY BANKING – A great new service from THE POST OFFICE.


You can do your Everyday Banking over the counter at any of our 11,500 Post Office’s across the UK.

It’s a free way to access your high street bank account for personal or business customers.

What can I do?

  • Pay in cash and cheques
  • Withdraw money
  • Check your balance

Where and when can I do it?

  • Any Post Office
  • Whenever it’s open
  • This includes evenings and Sundays (where available)

What do I need to access my account?

  • Your card and PIN to withdraw money, check your balance and deposit cash
  • Pay in cash using your card or pre-printed paying in slip
  • Bring a pre-printed paying in slip to pay in cheques
  • A branded envelope for your cheque deposit


For more information see –

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Give Glasgow City Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde your views on the future of health and social care services in Glasgow

Glasgow City Integration Joint Board’s / Health and Social Care Partnership’s current Strategic Plan for health and social care service in Glasgow is due to end in Spring 2019, and a draft of the Strategic Plan for 2019 – 2022 is now available for consultation.

As the population of Glasgow changes, the health and social care needs of the City also change. This means that we cannot keep delivering services in the same way. We need to make sure that our priorities and actions meet the health and social care needs of Glasgow’s people, not just for now but for the next three years. We are therefore keen to get feedback on the draft Strategic Plan from service users, patients, carers, community groups and organisations, the public and any organisations we work with. Following the consultation, we will listen to what people tell us and then produce our final Strategic Plan for 2019-22. We will let you know when this is ready.

Right now though, we would really like to hear your views on our draft Strategic Plan.


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New fares for First Bus passengers to start December 2018.

FIRST Bus have announced their new fare prices ahead of the changes coming into effect next month.

While all child tickets and First Unlimited tickets are frozen, many single tickets will see fare increases.

In addition, the price differences between app purchases and ‘on-bus’ tickets remian, with those choosing to pay cash at the beginning of their journey being charged more for most tickets.

Day tickets on First Bus vehicles now cost £4.40 for mTickets and £4.60 on-bus, both up 10p on the previous structure.

hose purchasing weekly tickets for First Bus will now be charged £17.50 and £16.50 for on-bus tickets and mTickets respectively, while those buying at pay points will be also be charged more than app users

Those purchasing weekly tickets for First Bus will now be charged £17.50 and £16.50 for on-bus tickets and mTickets respectively, while those buying at pay points will be also be charged more than app users.


First four-week tickets have gone up by £4 as well for app users, now costing £52. This is cheaper than those buying via pay-point, with prices now £54.

However, a new student and under-19 day ticket has been introduced at a cost of £4 but will only be available to app users.

Graeme Macfarlan, commercial director of the company, said: “These changes are essential to allow us to continue to operate a reliable bus service for our customers.

“We have worked hard to keep any increases to a minimum and continue to offer customers the best value fares via our mTickets App and we are pleased to introduce new mTicket options.

“Our focus on encouraging more customers to purchase mTickets will continue, as this helps improve journey times and punctuality, which are all factors that we know are vital to customers.”


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