With the unprecedented global crisis, staff availability in ScotRail and Network Rail Scotland has been affected, as well as customer demand. That’s why, from Monday, 23 March 2020, we’ll be operating a revised timetable.

The timetable that will operate from Monday, 23 March represents significant change from the normal daily timetable, with a specific focus to deliver an effective public transport service for key workers..

Reducing the number of trains in service creates opportunities for additional cleaning activities on trains, and in depots, and allows more targeted cleaning at stations.

The service level will deliver more than enough seats to meet the current demand levels and the timetable will be kept under regular review to react to any further developments.…

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Important information about the current health crisis and how it affects our community.

Dear Friends,

We wanted to get in touch to offer local residents information on latest developments around Covid-19 (Coronovirus) and provide contacts for further advice and guidance.

Glasgow City Council is providing updates here:

Scottish Government’s regularly updated guidance is here:

Public health advice can be found at: Coronavirus (COVID-19) on NHS Inform.

A free helpline has been set up for people who do not have symptoms but are looking for general advice: 0800 028 2816

Businesses across Scotland can find advice and guidance on COVID-19 here:

There’s also friendly, helpful community support and advice offered by the NextDoor blog here:

In particular, if you’re able to lend a hand to neighbours who are social distancing or self isolating, this simple idea from Becky Vass in Cornwall is proving popular:

In light of the circumstances, we’ve taken guidance from our colleagues at the Council and will postpone our forthcoming monthly public meeting on Thursday 19th March.

That said, we remain available to contact as usual at and through our Facebook page.  And remember, you can find lots of information and contacts for local services on the website

During the coming weeks/months our locally elected councillors and other ancillary services will be very busy – so please support them however you can.

From all of us at Kelvindale Community Council, our very best.

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New Parking restriction notices in the West End.

Please see the links below.   Any objections should be received by 14th February 2020


Advert (Hillhead TRO)  

FAQs (Hillhead TRO)

Report (Hillhead TRO)


Byres Road Advert

FAQs (Byres Rd TRO)

Byres Rd Draft Report



Byres Rd 20Mph Zone Advert

20 Draft Report (Byres20MPH)

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Discarded syringes.

We have received reports that discarded syringes have been found within the Kelvindale area. Hopefully this is an isolated incident. In the good old days chemists used to keep “sharps boxes” where these items could be taken, but this no longer applies. You need to ring the Environmental Health Dept on 0300 343 7027 who will arrange collection of the items. They only collect items which are in public areas. As always, do not take any risks handling syringes of any type, and please do not dispose of them in any domestic, recycling, street or commercial waste bin.

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Bellshaugh Road, Closure and No Waiting and No Loading Restrictions, 19 August 2019 until 28 February 2020

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order – Bellshaugh Road, Closure and No Waiting and No Loading Restrictions, 19 August 2019 until 28 February 2020.

I write to advise of the above temporary restrictions which are required for Scottish Water and Amey, Black and Veatch’s installation of a new Scottish Water flood prevention measure.

It will be necessary close Bellshaugh Road and restrict the parking on Bellshaugh Road, between Balcarres Avenue and Bellshaugh Court, as works progress.

The Order will come into effect at 00:01 hours on Monday, 19 August 2019 and remain in operation until 23:59 hours on Friday, 28 February 2020.

Scottish Water and Amey, Black and Veatch will provide advance notification to all residents and businesses affected. The restrictions will only apply as required in the vicinity of the works as indicated and local access will be maintained.

 If you require any further information, please contact Stephen Anderson on 0141 287 9359.

Bellshaugh Road,(ABV)(TM001)

Bellshaugh Road(ABV)(TM002)

Bellshaugh Road (ADVERT(AB&V)

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Nominations are invited from residents who are 16 years or over to join Kelvindale Community Council

1. Qualification

Anyone over 16 years of age who resides within the Community Council boundary area can stand for election. All that is required is that the candidate, proposer and seconders’ names appear on the Electoral Register. (Alternative measures for identification and residency status of candidates may be undertaken in certain circumstances)

2. Vacancies

There are currently 6 vacancies being advertised for Kelvindale Community Council.

3. Closing Date

Valid nomination forms must be submitted to Glasgow City Council (see below) by Friday 2nd August 2019.

4. Filling Vacancies

Uncontested Election Meeting:

Should 6 or fewer valid nominations be submitted to Glasgow City Council by Friday 2nd August 2019, the candidates will be elected unopposed on Thursday 15th August 2019 at 7:30pm in Kelvindale Bowling & Lawn Tennis Club, 91A Baronald Drive, Kelvindale, Glasgow G12 0HP.

Contested Election – Secret Ballot:

Should more than 6 valid nominations be submitted to Glasgow City Council by Friday 2nd August 2019, a secret ballot will take place in Kelvindale Bowling & Lawn Tennis Club, 91A Baronald Drive, Kelvindale, Glasgow G12 0HP on Thursday 15th August 2019.

Qualifying residents* will be entitled to cast up to 6 votes during the ballot opening hours 5.30pm – 8.30pm. A list of candidates will be publicly advertised before the secret ballot. The results of the secret ballot will be confirmed at the next scheduled meeting of the community council.

*To vote at a Community Council election, residents’ names and addresses must appear on the Electoral Register or be confirmed using the alternative measures (see Qualification above).

Steven Dowling – Community Council Officer
Community Empowerment Services
Glasgow City Council
City Chambers
82 George Square
Glasgow G2 1DU

Tel. 0141 287 4111

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Funding available for certain Community Projects through the Glasgow City Council Area Partnership.


PLEASE NOTE: – The following processes are in place for potential applications to the local area
budget funding – detailed below –
 All Enquiries/Applications for this funding are now managed from a Central Mailbox Address
– which is;
 When requesting an Application Form – please send an E-mail to
asking for a copy of the Application Form and Guidance Notes – (for the relevant financial
year – at present this will be for 2019/2020);
 Once this e-mail is received at the CPP mailbox, an Automatic Message will be issued in
which a link is provided. Once clicked on – the link goes to the Glasgow City Council
Website and the section called Area Partnership Budgets;
 In this section, there are a number of documents listed i.e. the application form, the guidance
notes etc. Included in the list is a document called Area Partnership Meeting Dates,
Deadlines and Priorities. It is in this document that the area partnership meeting dates, and
the priorities can be found for each respective area partnership. Also included in this
document are the Deadlines by which the completed application form plus all of the required
supporting documentation need to be submitted, for each respective area partnership;
 Please Note – that the Guidance Notes are read before completing the application form. This
is to ensure that both the Organisation and the proposed Project Meet the Eligibility Criteria
for this funding. Information on what can / cannot be supported by the local area budget
funding is also included in the guidance notes;
 Please also Note – Projects cannot be funded Retrospectively and any projects that might be
awarded funding must be delivered and the funding spent before the end of the Financial
Year Deadline which in this case will be 31 st March 2020 – N.B. there is no flexibility on this;
 It is also Important to Note – For ALL Applications – the completed application form plus all
of the required supporting documentation etc need to be sent back to the CPP mailbox i.e. PLEASE DO NOT send it to an individual Officer as the application
etc might not be received at the correct office and could be lost;
 Once all of the information has been received at the CPP mailbox – an Automatic Message is
issued which provides the Acknowledgement that the application form etc has been
received. This message also provides details on the next steps in the process;
 Please see below the Amounts of Local Area Budget Funding that can be applied for –
a) Minimum Amount £300;
b) Applications between £300 up to £500 (e.g. Bus Hire) are considered under the Delegated
Authority Scheme on a monthly basis. Applications should be submitted as soon as
possible for decisions to be made by 1 st of each month;
c) Maximum Amounts –
 £350 for bus trips;
 £500 for team strips;
 £1,000 for residential trips; and
 £5,000 for community events

d) Maximum Amount that One organisation can apply for in One Financial Year for the
Partick East/Kelvindale – Ward 23 area – £6,028.00;
 Please further Note, should you wish to discuss a potential application before completing
the Form, please contact Naj Chauhdry, Glasgow City Council, Partnership and Development
Officer on Tel.No: 0141 276 9877 or by E-mail –;
 Should you require assistance in completing an Application Form please contact/make an
appointment with Phil Broadley, Capacity Building Officer, Glasgow Council for Voluntary
Sector(GCVS) on Tel.No: 0141 332 2444 or by E-mail –


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