trains and roads, and pavements

Our MSP Patricia Ferguson tells us that the Scottish Government “will not be increasing the number of trains from Edinburgh every hour (just their length!)”. So Queen Street station will not go over capacity, and our local line with Kelvindale station is safe again – thanks to all who completed cards and signed petitions.

Councillor Martin Rhodes has reported back about the state of Manchester Drive: it’s been mechanically swept, some potholes have been repaired, and it’s been surveyed and added to the Glasgow ‘database of assessed streets’ which may or may not speed up further work on it.

Also from Martin: “I have been informed by Land and Environmental Services that footways in the area bounded by Weymouth Drive, Great Western Road and Leicester Avenue/Winchester Drive will be resurfaced using a proprietary footway resurfacing material in the current financial year.”

and … “Land & Environmental Services officers have identified a number of obscured signs which require attention and several sections of road markings which could be improved in relation to the bus lane on Great Western Road. Work will be undertaken as part of a wider programme of works affecting the stretch of Great Western Road within the Kelvindale Community Council area.  With respect to the lining works, due to a backlog, it is anticipated that these works will not be completed prior to August.”

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