Botanic Gardens Tree Collection

this from the Friends of Glasgow Botanic Gardens:

Good morning all

You may be aware of a project being developed by the Friends of Glasgow Botanic Gardens, namely the National Tree Collections of Scotland.

This is to tell the story of the unique tree collections throughout Scotland, including the Botanic Gardens, as well as the fascinating story of the tree collectors/explorers of the past, such as David Douglas and their links with the Gardens of Scotland.

This early stage of the work is being funded by the Central Scotland Green Network to determine:
– the full scope of the project
– project costs
– ideas for the best way of interpreting the information in the Gardens

A key part of the work is to involve local community groups, and indeed all users of the Botanic Gardens.

With this in mind a drop-in workshop is being held in the Kibble Palace on Thursday 8th November 10.30 am – 4.00 pm. and on display will be our current thoughts and ideas.

We look forward to seeing as many visitors as possible – no pre-arrangements are necessary – just drop in and discuss ideas for the project.

Please pass this invitation to any who may be interested
We look forward to seeing you

Brian Atkinson
Chairman, Friends of Glasgow Botanic Gardens

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