Great Western Road (and other) flooding

Here’s the response David Russell, Roads Manager, LES sent to Councillor John Letford regarding recent floods:

I refer to your undernoted email and can advise that extensive drainage improvement works were undertaken within this location to alleviate flooding. These works included relocation of road gullies and alterations to the diameter of pipes which increased the rate of flow from the gullies into the sewer.  When the works were complete the area was tested and the gullies were functioning.
It must be noted at this time of year the leaf fall is at a maximum and this was the cause of the flooding at this time. Arrangements are in place to increase the frequency of cleansing operations to remove the leaves from the channel, particularly during the period of leaf drop.
I will, however, investigate the need to carry out more frequent clearing of the channels, particularly during the period of leaf drop.
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