Happy New Year! And is this your parrot?

A few people have spotted a rose-ringed parakeet flying around Kelvindale over the last month or two. This morning it was captured on camera … and it looks like it’s doing OK.


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3 Responses to Happy New Year! And is this your parrot?

  1. Chi says:

    The parrot is called Rio and belongs to our neighbour on Weymouth Drive. Rio escaped in July last summer but seems to be surviving well In the woods.

  2. Deborah says:

    Was happy to see Rio (parrot) he flew away end July and every effort was made to retrieve him. Tried every organisation to help but as he was in flight no one could help. Rio is still a baby indian ring neck only 9months. He is a wild bird now as he’s been out for so long. I’m happy he’s doing okay and looks great

  3. Stephen Mulrine says:

    Spotted in Kirklee very recently – this morning, in fact, when he flew into our bedroom, flapped around a bit, and flew back out.

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