Dorchester Avenue mineshaft

There’s been some concern about the fenced-off ground on the site of the old Gibson Hall on Dorchester Avenue. Councillor Martin Rhodes has taken this up with the Coal Authority who have confirmed that the shaft has been capped and made safe: it’s only the surface reinstatement that has been left incomplete. The Coal Authority are satisfied that the shaft has been adequately treated and is stable.

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2 Responses to Dorchester Avenue mineshaft

  1. C MacKay says:

    Have you investigated the reports at the scout hall in Ripon Drive. MacTaggart and Mickel want to build there. In April they published a report of a deep survey there. The area is heavily contaminated with Arsenic, chrome and Asbestos. If they want to build there it will have to be capped. The full reports are available in the planning office and on line. Its 66 Ripon Drive. The place is a death trap and a health hazard and nothing is being done to the site. Its not even fenced off or has signs posted. This place must have damaged the health of resident and children for generations.

    • thanks Charles –
      We discussed this at the KCC meeting last night, and it appears from the report that the level of contamination is only about what you would expect at any brownfield site. The main upshot of the Site Investigation Report is that a developer will now have much higher costs in order to prepare the area for building. We’ll watch the progress of the application with interest.

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