another rail update

Ken Windsor was at the Network Rail drop in meeting on the 14th, and reports back:

I have the new timetables, the print of which is far too small to scan in and send.  I will put them up on the noticeboard today.

In brief, from Sunday August 9th until Sunday 18th October the train will be replaced by a bus service. However, from Monday 19th October through to Friday 6th November we will also have our weekday evening services replaced by buses from 19.56 each evening.

Patricia Ferguson MSP is pushing for an extra meeting to take place in Kelvindale, as decisions are currently being made about what will replace our line during the 20 weeks of the EGIP engineering works next year:

The question is whether we think that people on ‘our’ line would use a service which went from Ashfield to Queen Street with a change of trains at Anniesland or whether there needs to be a replacement bus service.  My own feeling is that the closer to Anniesland your journey begins the more likely it is that you would want to use the train but for people at Ashfield and the stations closest to Queen Street a bus becomes more viable.

Expect more on this soon!

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