rail and subway closures in 2016

At this week’s KCC meeting ScotRail gave us a very comprehensive report on what’s happening during the closure of Queen Street station next year. The high level station will be closed between 20 March & 8 August. Many main line trains will be diverted via the new loop to Anniesland to come into Queen Street low level, passing through Kelvindale without stopping, but the most likely outcome for Kelvindale station users is that we’ll still have at least an hourly service from the station during this period when Queen Street is closed.

The good news is that we get the investment of the new bit of track at Anniesland for nothing, and that it will be suitable for use by electric trains. However, there’s no chance of our line being electrified until at least 2019, when the next 5-year plan for rail infrastructure investment kicks off.

Meanwhile, the subway will also be closed for four weeks, from the beginning of the school summer holiday. So getting around Glasgow in July might be a bit of an adventure.

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