We have just received this communication from Glasgow City Council.

“Although there has only been one significant snow event this winter, I wanted to highlight that a yellow ‘be aware’ weather warning has been issued today for overnight snow and ice. Also the Council’s specialised roads forecast warns of a risk of persistent snow later tonight for Glasgow which may affect tomorrow morning’s rush hour.

Snow can be difficult to forecast accurately but you can be reassured that the LES winter gritting fleet is fully prepared for the forecast conditions. The LES duty controller has instructed priority roads to be gritted from 1am Wednesday and priority footways will be gritted from 530am Wednesday. The forecast snow will ease off by 9am and the snow level will then rise quickly above Glasgow city limits. It is forecast to remain windy and cold for the remainder of Wednesday and Thursday and some further snow may fall on Thursday evening. The duty controller will continue to monitor the weather conditions to ensure that the gritting fleet is deployed to cater for the wintry conditions and to minimise traffic disruption.

Should you experience any difficulties during this period, the most effective way of reporting any issues is either via the MyGlasgowApp or by calling our 24 hour Roads And Lighting Faults ( RALF ) reporting service on 0800 373635″

I trust that this information is of assistance.

Brian Devlin
Executive Director
Land and Environmental Services

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