Glasgow City Council Budget 2016-2018


Yesterday the Glasgow City Council set its Budget for the next 2 years.

I quote from their document –

“Glasgow’s budget for local services remains under increased pressure as tough economic conditions continue to impact local government.

This has meant the council has had to both reduce its spending and try to increase its income in order to balance its budget; which it is legally required to do.

The Scottish Government’s settlement for local government in 2016/17 includes a cash reduction of £50 million. Coupled with budget pressures of £33 million, this means the council had a budget shortfall of £83 million in the next financial year, as part of the estimated savings target for the next two years of £130 million.

The council agreed a budget on Thursday, 10 March 2016, which meets the savings target of £83m for 2016/17.”

The full budget can be found here –


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