Con artists bug West End cash machines in card-skimming scam


Image – Copyright -The Evening Times.


CON artists used high-tech cameras in an attempt to steal personal details from unsuspecting cash machine users.

Scammers targeted three ATMs in the West End, placing magnetic strips fitted with a tiny camera in the corner of each one.

Two machines on Byres Road were found to be fitted with the device on Saturday, as well as one on Dumbarton Road.

A concealed device fitted over the card slot was also used to stop the machines from returning the card, and passersby saw the screens flickering on and off.

Beady-eyed police officers spotted the device at a machine outside the Bank of Scotland on Byres Road on Saturday April 23 around 6.30pm.

One man contacted the bank after the machine swallowed his card, and was present when police arrived on Saturday.

The West End resident, who did not want to be named, had to change his pin and reorder his card but fears his personal details may have fallen into the hands of scammers.

He said: “I inserted my card, typed in the PIN and pressed the sum required but no money came and no card came back.

“I rang Bank of Scotland but there was no promise of urgent action.

“At that point the police arrived and saw the mini camera on a magnetic strip on the bottom left hand corner of machine, and the temporary insert to stop the machine regurgitating the card immediately.

“The ATM was closing and opening on Windows, the whole computer system may have been hacked into.”

Inspector Robert Park, from the West End police office, said: “I believe the device captures information but the people who have fitted the device need to retrieve it to get any benefit.

“If you were the victim of the fraud you wouldn’t necessarily know where they had captured your details from.

“The first thing the victims would see would be money missing, or compromised transactions.

“We’ve recovered the device, it will be sent for forensic testing and we will be looking at any available CCTV and carrying out investigations.

Members of the public are advised to report any suspicions about cash machines to Police Scotland on 101.

A Bank of Scotland spokesman said: “Protecting our customers from fraud is a key priority.

“All our branches complete daily checks of their ATMs for any suspicious devices and the police are contacted if any are found.

“Customers who notice anything suspicious or think the ATM they are using has been affected by a skimming device should report it to the local branch immediately.”



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