Kelvindale Primary goes for gold with 50th anniversary


From The Glasgow Evening Times – 23rd May, 2016.


THESE youngsters have 50 reasons to celebrate – and they’re making the most of each one.

Pupils at Kelvindale Primary School are marking the 50th anniversary of their school.

Youngsters from every year have been making new memories as they celebrate five decades of the west end primary.

Head teacher Caroline Darroch said: “I think the school is such an integral part of the community because we have so many parents who are former pupils.

“We asked the pupils for their ideas on how to celebrate and we were overwhelmed with suggestions.

“It has been very important to us to celebrate our 50th anniversary because we want to make memories for our pupils to take with them when they leave.

“One thing that has been a common thread through all of our anniversary events has been parents saying, ‘They’ll always remember this,’ and that’s really important to us.”

Kelvindale, which opened on January 13, 1966, is still on its original site.

The first building to open to pupils was later joined by a second building, in the 1970s, before a double chalet was added in the late 70s to complete the school.

Pupils have had a busy year undertaking a wide variety of tasks to mark their school’s special anniversary.

They have been learning about the history of their school and the history of their city from the 1960s onwards.

Parents who are former pupils have been coming in to give talks to the children and share their experiences of being at the school.

Among many events has been the planting of a Jubilee tree in the grounds.

Kelvindale is due to undergo refurbishment as part of the multi-million pound Glasgow City Council 4Rs programme, which the school hopes will happen during the summer holidays.

Ms Darroch added: “It might seem strange but we’re glad that we didn’t have the refurbishment until after the Jubilee celebrations.

“It has been really valuable for parents and former staff and pupils to come in and see the school exactly as it was – it’s really taken them on a trip down memory lane.

“I’m sure in another 50 year’s time learning will have progressed in ways we can’t even imagine but I can imagine there will still be a school in this community.

“It’s one thing to learn in isolation on an iPad but schools provide a community that help with all the hidden learning – such as building friendships, interpersonal skills – that make you the person you are.

“You learn so much when you come together.”


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