Amendments to the layout of road markings over part of Dorchester Avenue



Following recent carriageway surfacing work, the markings are now due to be replaced.  However, a review of the layout of the of these markings has been carried out and several alterations are proposed which would minimise maintenance, increase the amount of on street parking and reduce driver confusion associated with the former layout at two of the existing build out islands.

The proposals include the removal of the two build out islands which project into the carriageway at 63 Dorchester Avenue and opposite 120 Dorchester Avenue.  It is noted that these projections are not intended to facilitate pedestrians crossing the road but act as a physical calming measure which causes drivers to alter their path. However, maintenance records show that bollards on these islands have been replaced on several occasions, which would indicate there is a problem with vehicles over running them.  Since the introduction of these two measures, the increase in car usage in this area has resulted in cars parking inappropriately in the vicinity of the these islands.

These improvements will also allow a more formalised layout to be provided, as the proposal includes a centre line marking with better alignment and an edge of carriageway marking to reinforce on street parking and give residents some protection whilst accessing their vehicles.  Drivers are expected to be less comfortable with the resultant reduced width of the running lanes, and this will assist to reduce the speed of vehicles.  The attached plan provides details of the alterations.

I trust this is of assistance, however, should you require any further information please contact Stephen McGinley on 287 9356.

Dorchester AvenueTraffic Calming Layout Amendment and removal of bollards SMcG



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1 Response to Amendments to the layout of road markings over part of Dorchester Avenue

  1. WilmaJamieson says:

    I’m pleased to learn these stupid islands are to go. It’s a wonder some of the strangely parked cars around the island haven’t been hit. Now all we need is traffic lights at the Dorchester/Cleveden Rd junction – and don’t let the “powers that be” say this isn’t possible!

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