What is the Bin Replacement Programme (BRP)?

The BRP will remove approximately 50,000 small metal bins (used for general waste) in flatted properties and replace them with wheeled bins.
The programme will also assess the recycling provision to ensure sufficient capacity is available to residents to increase recycling. Additional blue wheeled bins, for the collection of paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and empty cans, will be provided where required.
Why are the metal bins being replaced?
The metal bins are considered not fit for purpose as they are small and may be in poor condition which can lead to the spread of litter in backcourts, encouraging vermin and creating health and safety issues for both residents and council collection staff alike.
The replacement bins will be larger and able to hold more general waste. The additional blue bins will also help residents to recycle.
When will the bins be replaced?

The city wide programme will be delivered in a three year phased programme as noted below:
Phase 1 has commenced in the North West of the City and is programmed to be complete by end of June 2018.

Phase 2 in the remainder of the North and East of the City is programmed for April 2018 and will be complete by the end of March 2019.

Phase 3 in the South is programmed for April 2019 and will be complete by end of March 2020.
When is the remainder of Phase 1 due to commence?

There are 13 routes remaining in Phase 1 and the roll out will commence on Friday 23rd March 2018 and be complete by Wednesday 9th May 2018.

When will residents find out the exact date their bins will be replaced?
Residents will receive a letter from the council prior to the replacement of the bins.
Is there any way that residents can receive my new wheeled bin earlier than planned?
Consideration may be given to replacing bins earlier than programmed if a resident’s Housing Association/Registered Social Landlord (RSL) or Factor has any improvement works programmed which would add value to the BRP, for example, removal of bin shed lids or presentation of bins. The Council continues to engage with Housing Associations/RSL’s and factors to support any proposed improvement works. Residents are advised to speak to their Housing Association/RSL or factor.
What will happen at each address?
If a property has metal bins for general waste, these will be removed and replaced with wheeled bins. The size and number of wheeled bins will vary from property to property dependent on space within and access to the backcourts and/or /bin storage areas. Additional blue bins will also be provided.
If a property already has wheeled bins for general waste, these will remain and additional blue wheeled bins will be provided.
In some cases, existing standard style wheeled bins for general waste and recycling may be replaced with larger wheeled bins for ease of use.
Will there be a change to the frequency the bins are collected?

Yes – the collection frequency for general waste will change to fortnightly and will be serviced on alternate weeks from the blue recycling collection.
How will the programme benefit citizens?
The replacement of bins will bring significant benefits to citizens. The benefits are as follows –
The new larger wheeled bins are able to hold more waste, therefore resulting in cleaner backcourts.
There will be increased recycling opportunities for citizens.
The improved containment means that there is less likely to be issues related to vermin and pest control.
The new wheeled bins will provide a more responsive cleansing service through improved manual handling and safe access for cleansing operatives.
The new wheeled bins will create a sense of pride in backcourts – backcourts can become safe play areas for children.
Overall, the new wheeled bins will create a better and cleaner environment for citizens.
For further information, please contact Victoria Friary, Communications Officer, Bin Replacement Programme:
0141. 276 0639

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  1. Caroline Johnston says:

    This looks like flats only. Not houses. Or have I read this wrong?

    On Fri, 23 Mar 2018 at 13:28, Kelvindale Community Council wrote:

    > Kelvindale Community Council posted: ” WE HAVE RECEIVED THIS FROM GLASGOW > CITY COUNCIL. IT WOULD APPEAR THAT OUR BINS WILL NOW BE COLLECTED ONCE A > FORTNIGHT. THE BIN REPLACEMENT PROGRAMME. What is the Bin Replacement > Programme (BRP)? The BRP will remove approximately 50,000 small metal ” >

  2. Wilma Jamieson says:

    Will residents be required to move bins from back garden to pavement prior to collection? If so this will present problems for the frail, elderly etc in the Dorchester, Penrith, Ripon and Kendall flats as there are a considerable number of stairs to negotiate.

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