Kelvindale station under threat?

You may have seen the stories in the Evening Times about a proposed closure of the Maryhill Line including Kelvindale station. The public consultation for the Rail 2014 plan (here) states that there are a number of stations in Glasgow which are less than a mile away from another one, and, at paragraph 7.11:

We do not intend to reduce the size of the Scottish rail network, or reduce the number of stations, but we are considering whether it would be possible to re-configure the network by reviewing the location of stations. We would welcome views on what locations may be more appropriate for stations and which current stations are no longer required. Overall, we are considering the location of stations that could offer the greatest benefits to Scotland.

So, if you use our station and you want to keep it where it is, please respond to the consultation by 20 February: details on how to do this are here. What they need to know is why it is important for us to have the station in Kelvindale: who uses it, how often they use it, and where they go to and come from when they do.

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