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We’ve just heard from Alex Scott, Bus Services Manager at SPT, that the evening and Sunday bus services on the old no.11 route are to be restored from 29 September. Thanks to everyone who came to meetings and campaigned in many different ways!

Here’s an extract from his email:

We have carried out fresh tendering exercises for both the evening and Sunday elements of the service and, in this, First Glasgow has submitted a tender which replicates the previous evening service level and provides through-journeys into the city centre.Henderson Travel submitted the winning tender for the Sunday element. Both of these contracts will be awarded and the changes will take effect on 29 September, to allow for registration procedures and the necessary drivers’ duty changes within the respective companies.

To comply with EU procurement regulations, these contracts are, of necessity, temporary and will operate until December of this year whilst a formal tendering process takes place to establish a long-term contract.

In the tenders for the long-term, we look forward to companies exhibiting the same degree of restraint in tender prices which has allowed us – in these difficult budgetary times – to reinstate in this instance the previous level of service and I am sure you will join with me in expressing the hope that the area does not see further reductions in commercial bus services which would inevitably jeopardise this attempt to meet the aspirations of the community in Kelvindale.

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5 Responses to buses – GOOD NEWS

  1. Wilma Jamieson says:

    Good news indeed. Where can we obtain timetables and details of bus routes? It would be helpful if there was one place where all Glasgow bus operators posted timetables.

  2. john says:

    Great to see more buses. However if I cant use my first card, it is not good. I have no problem with concessions, but as I pay the taxes that provide this allow free travel, seems unfair.

  3. Chirsty says:

    Well that’s the M11 evening bus now finished, a lot of hard work for 10 weeks of service! I note Henderson Buses have taken over the route but they are only running from Gartnavel Hospital to Clydebank via Dorchester Ave. Although that may be useful to some people, we really need a service that goes into town, or at least to Byres Road where more transport options are available. Are people aware of this?

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