wheelie bin cleaning

Does anyone have good experience with a wheelie bin cleaning company that covers Kelvindale? If so, let us know in the comments below … thanks!

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2 Responses to wheelie bin cleaning

  1. tony says:

    yes we do 07770 11 50 80

  2. Barbara Joyce, Kelvindale resident (72 Leicester Avenue). says:

    Hi, this is just to let anyone in Kelvindale area know that WHEELIEBIN CLEANING have cleaned my green bin (and they are prepared to just do it periodically which suits me fine as he isn’t based near here and doesn’t do this area). I would recommend this company, they do a great job of the green bin and charge £4 per bin. He’s said he will do the other bins as I ask him periodically – so that’s good to know too – but the green bin is the one that needs cleaned the most. Here’s the details anyway: 07770 115080 bincleaning.uk.com is their website and their email is: bin.cleaning.aol.co.uk Cheers.

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