Brighten up the January gloom.

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This coming Sunday. 10th JANUARY, THE CLEVEDEN COMMUNITY CLUB are opening the doors once more for an afternoon of fun.

It would be lovely to see many old and new members. The swimming pool will be open as usual, as is the cafe. Badminton and table tennis are in the main hall, games and books will be set up in the atrium cafe.

If your new years resolution is to get fitter, why not try the gym? There is of course a crafty activity but you’ll need to come to the club to find out what it is…The theme is ‘brighten up the January gloom’.

The younger children will be able to use some of their energy to compete in an obstacle course, testing their agility, balance and speed. And finally, if you fancy an intellectual challenge, why not try out the giant Connect 4 in the atrium?! 


If you would like to join the club, you are in for a bargain: the membership fee is now reduced to £6 for the remaining club year. This is applicable for everyone 8+. Also, the £1 door fee is no longer applicable. 

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!
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