Food Recycling is on the way –



Improvements to Recycling Services in Glasgow 

The council is making a number of improvements to recycling services across the city. These changes will increase the level of service offered to residents of kerbside properties, tenements and flats. In addition we will be providing information and advice about how to use recycling services throughout Glasgow, the range of materials that can be recycled and the introduction of food waste recycling. Please find enclosed a briefing note which details the recycling service changes to all property types across the city. 

We are also communicating about the changes with Elected Members, Housing Associations, Tenant and Resident Associations and local community groups to ensure as many members of the community are aware of the improvements as possible.

Please click on the “food recycling” document below to find out how – and when – the changes will impact on the Kelvindale area.

food recycling


Enquiries should be directed to

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