Road Closure : 16th – 30th November.


15th December, Update.

Temple Road is now open – and the works seem to be completed.


The good news – just talked to a workman clearing away barriers – he says the road may be open again at 6.00pm tonight.

The bad news – he says “”The leak has sill not been found.”  The water is flowing down the one side of Dalsholm Bridge like a mini River. You could not make it up !


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2 Responses to Road Closure : 16th – 30th November.

  1. Thomas burns says:

    I believe this closure will be for some time. Can you please post an update.

  2. Thomas – The only information we have is that posted above which we have received from Glasgow City Council. Should they issue a further notice extending the closure then they will let us know. From reports received it appears to be causing chaos at times – so we hope that they can complete this work on schedule.

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