Kelvindale Railway Station Transformation update.


Here is an update from Helen at KELVINDALE ART with all the news about what we can expect to see happening at our local station during the coming months.

Grow Wild.

“So we have come to the end of the Grow Wild period.   So now we have the top area as you come into the Station planted up with wildflowers, a variety of bulbs, ferns, geraniums, lavender and azaleas.  To hammer this home, I made a footpath out of square slabs and painted scrabble letters on them spelling out WILDFLOWERS.

Further into the station, we’ve planted some shade loving wildflowers under the tree, planted lots of snowdrop bulbs, and installed a bird house decorated in a Mondrian style.

On the slopes and behind the Shelter, we’ve tried to stabilize the ground with some Vinca Minors, which are a lovely ground cover plant, and will stop the soil running away under the weed suppressant, lots of Azaleas, holly and Hebes.

I’m currently creating two new beds with the balance of the Grow Wild money.  One of them will look like an oversized Artists Pallet, with the flower beds being where an artist would normally put their blobs of paint.  The second one will be an old bike that I have sprayed bright yellow, and will fit with flower boxes.  These will both be planted up with butterfly friendly plants.

I’m really interested to see how the plants get on this year.  Scotrail have not sprayed again, and I made up signs saying that the beds have not to be sprayed.

Claire from Grow Wild has also promised us the seed mix boxes that are left over from last year.  I want us to use them to promote a Kelvindale Best Garden competition.  The Rule for entering a garden will be that there is a Wildflower section to the garden, and people can achieve this by asking for a Grow Wild box and planting them.

2016 Remembrance Tree.

We were kindly donated a Christmas Tree by Cateran Trees who are selling Christmas Trees at Morrisons, Anniesland.  Because they were so kind, we decided to make the tree a Remembrance Tree.  People have been contacting us via Social Media to ask that messages be left on the tree.  The local MP, Patrick Grady, left a message in remembrance of Jo Cox, and my personal favourite is for Evan, a young boy that died two years ago at the age of 5.  His mum has a social media account called Evan – Rainbow Maker, so her friend asked that we make a rainbow inspired message for him.  His Mum was very taken by it, which came as a huge surprise, and she’d been circulating our details to local families.

New Years Day Walk 4 Guy.

We are hosting the Start and Finish of a 10 KM charity walk on New Years Day.

If you want to get involved, or think you know people that might want to donate here is the link with all the information.  Guy has Cerebal Palsy and has just gone through a rather painful operation.  The money is to pay for his physiotherapy.  Should be a lot of fun.

Scotrail Bio-Diversity Fund Application.

We just received word that we have been awarded £3,400 from Scotrail to create a butterfly friendly flower bed down near the platform.

Van Gogh Exhibition. 

We have now created and distributed two teachers’ lesson plans to all the schools in Glasgow.  We have also put them on Social Media and the Web Site.  There is another lesson planned for Senior School pupils, which is nearing completion.

We have also finished designing the 3D version of Van Gogh’s Chair and will be creating this in the early New Year.  The first phase of the Art has been received and the waterproof frames are ready, but I decided to make the mounting boards more decorative than I initially planned.   Half the Art will be able to be installed in January.  We will focus on the Art relating to the natural world, the Sunflowers, plants, birds and butterflies.  Once we assess how they are being received and whether there are any attempts to remove them or damage them, we will install the rest.

Thanks for all your support in 2016, and here’s to soaring in 2017.”

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