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Local police have advised us that Bike theft in this area is on the increase.

Protect your bike with some simple measures.

Fit a D-Lock.


Beat thieves with a super-strong bike D-lock. D-locks are as good as it gets when trying to stop someone running off with your bike.

Virtually every D-lock requires a key to open it. While that might seem old fashioned, lock makers are constantly aiming to be one step ahead of thieves, so there’s plenty of tech going into their design, which means they aren’t easy to break open. Fortunately locks come with two or three keys, so keep a spare or two safe.

If you keep your bike in a garage or shed – then do think about securing it there as well –

Anchor Locks

Why do I need an anchor lock?

What’s the point in spending loads on a lock and a bike if you’ve nothing to lock them to? This is where bike lock anchors, also called ground anchors come in – they are the best way to make sure your bike stays in your hands.

Unfortunately, there’s a small group of people who see fit to break into garages, sheds and houses to steal your belongings and bikes are an easy way for them make a fast and illicit profit. By securing your bike at home, you may well stop them from nicking your pride and joy.

By attaching a ground anchor either to a secure wall or concrete floor, you instantly create a fixed point to which you can lock your bike with a cable, chain or D-lock.

Kelvindale is a paradise for cycling – from keeping you fit to making that regular journey to work. Enjoy the journey and make that bike safe !


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