Consultation on Free Bus Travel for Older and Disabled People and Modern Apprentices :

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Yes folks, yet another consultation document. I have had a quick look and it does seems simpler than the previous one posted here. Don’t panic Mr Mainwairing, they are not proposing to scrap the scheme altogether.

They say – “The Scottish Government is committed to providing access to free bus travel for older and disabled people. The options for change which are consistent with this commitment involve raising the age of eligibility for older people. In this paper, we invite views on whether such changes should be considered at this time, either by raising the age in one go or gradually to bring it into line with the State Pension age, which will be equalised for men and women in 2018.”

So, have a look at what they have to say, and hopefully you will be able to use their system to let them know your thoughts.

And – do not forget that even if you only use the train and not the Bus – the pass does give you reduced train fares for holders of the Concession Card. It is far more than just “A Bus pass” these days.



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