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Yesterday I attended the Glasgow Transport Summit at the City Chambers. The attached video made by Glasgow City Council is over 5 and half hours long. I have to admit that half way through the event I closed my eyes – and all I could see were bar graphs and lines jumping up and down in the dark – yes it was that intense ! Each of you will have your own opinion as to the way forward with regard to the future transport policy in Glasgow. It would seem as a summary that the consensus of opinion seemed to be that the issues of traffic congestion, emissions and modes of travel need to be addressed. The effects on our health and lifestyle of using cycling and walking as alternatives to motor-driven vehicles are enormous. The bus service does need a shift in emphasis towards a system serving more of the population and Glasgow Queen Street Station redevelopment – well “It will be nice when it is finished.” I do not expect you to trawl all the way through the video but congratulations to Glasgow City Council for making the video public. Of particular interest is the presentation by Eric Stewart, Asst Chief Executive of SPT at 4 hours 48 minutes.


If the video is slow in playing on this page – then just search for GLASGOW TRANSPORT SUMMIT on the  YOU TUBE to play it on the You Tube site.


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