no.11 bus

this from Councillor John Letford –

I have just spoken to First Group regarding their proposals for the no.11.  Supposedly, this will be withdrawn and replaced with the no.44, which will apparently increase frequency to one every 20 mins (rather than the current 30 mins).  Therefore, if you live in Kelvindale and wish to go into town, your service provision supposedly increases.  It seems though, that if you wish to go the other way (from Anniesland Cross to Knightswood and beyond to Clydebank) then you will have to change services at Anniesland Cross.  The consultation period has been extended to the 6th March and you can access their plans at 
If you wish to speak about this further, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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2 Responses to no.11 bus

  1. W. Jamieson says:

    Following the ‘consultation’, First Bus have announced they will be retaining the No 11 bus from Anniesland Cross to Clydebank for a trial 6 month period. However, according to First Bus website, the No 44 will only run to Kelvindale every 30 minutes and not every 20 minutes as first proposed. Can First Bus be persuaded to increase the frequency? More people would use the service if it was more frequent than 30 minutes (and more reliable than No 11 and the previous 44a).

  2. Rosaly Faulds says:

    The information I read on the bus today suggested that the 44A will run half hourly during the day and not at all at night! I also think that by stopping the bus at Fulton Street irst Bus is trying to “prove” that there is little demand for the service as now there is no other reason tot use theis bus unless one is going to Kelvindale wheeras before the 11 picked up passengers going to Knightswood and Clydebank. Why should anyone apart from Kelvindale residents take a diversion via Kelvindale when buses go direcly to Anniesland via Gt Western Road?

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