Kelvindale mountain bike trail opening times

Kelvindale now has its very own bike trail at Dorchester Avenue!
The track is built specially for you to have fun and practise your cycling skills.
It’s right next to Kelvindale Primary School – the gate is on Dorchester Avenue.

The trail is managed by the Cleveden Community Club and will be open
from 6.30pm on Wednesday evenings and from 2pm on Sundays to start with – we can open more often if people are keen.
So why not come along and try it out – bring a friend, or all your friends, brothers and sisters, or even your mum and dad!

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3 Responses to Kelvindale mountain bike trail opening times

  1. MacRamsay says:

    This is a brilliant idea, I’ve had a quick run round myself and can say that it has fantastic potential for a local mountain bike facility. Pollock park on the south side has been a great success and this area could provide something similar if permission was sought to develop it a bit more. Where and how could I get involved in this? How to find celeveden community club?

  2. MacRamsay says:

    What a great use of unused space! I’ve had a quick ride round and can say that this place has great potential to be a local mountain biking practice area, similar to the trail at Pollock Park on the south side which has been a great success. With a bit of time and sweat, this place could be a great facility for all the mountain bikers in the area, never mind the rest of the west end and north Glasgow. How could I get involved in developing this? And is there potential for lasting permission to use it and thus make it investable?

  3. Glad you enjoyed it! Best bet is to contact the Community Club from their Facebook page or – or just drop into Cleveden Secondary on Sunday 9th Feb between 2 and 4! At the moment the trail is a ‘stalled space’ but the more it gets used the better.

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