Weymouth Drive mineshaft info

Councillor John Letford has passed on this message below from Land and Environmental Services. This map shows the most likely position of the mineshaft (as the letter below says, 100 metres from the rear entrance of Kelvindale Primary School), and this is the report from the first monthly inspection.

this from John: “I have been concerned for some time that the eventual response from the department would be to merely monitor the situation and ‘hope for the best/wait and see’ – this, I fear has come to pass. I will now pick up the baton on this issue, as I am sure that my constituents in Kelvindale and their children require more than paternal reassurance.”

The mineshaft will be the first item on the agenda at Thursday’s community council meeting.

Dear Cllr Letford,

Further to our telecon this afternoon I confirm that the large majority of mineshafts in the country are owned by the Coal Authority.  That public body is liable for the repair of damage that may accrue from ground movements associated with the shaft at Weymouth Drive.  There are a number of possible locations for the shaft known as Gartnavel no. 5 Pit.  A geophysical survey carried out by our DRS geotechnical colleagues gave a strong indication that the shaft lies below the carriageway and footway adjacent to no. 54 Weymouth Drive.  LES maintains the road network and has a duty of care to the citizens of Glasgow.  An assessment of the available information and visual inspections of the suspected location(s) of the mineshaft has been carried out by LES.  The assessment and inspections indicate that the shaft is not in a dangerous condition.  It is considered periodic monitoring of the area for signs of ground movements is an appropriate response to the issue by LES.

I also confirm that monthly inspections have been instigated.  The road/ground surface, garden walls and lighting columns are examined for signs of movement e.g. cracking, depressions.   A base photographic record has been prepared.  A brief report on the findings is provided to LES Roads Maintenance Manager and Education Services for distribution/action as they see appropriate.

The first formal inspection was carried out on 28th May 2013 and the details of the inspection are attached.

I trust this meets with your immediate requirements.  However, please advise if I can be of further assistance.


Tom Adams
Geotechnical Officer
Land and Environmental Services
City Council

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