meeting about transport to new South Glasgow Hospitals

Our friends at Drumchapel Community Council have organised a public meeting for those in the north-west of the city with concerns about transport to the new hospitals on the site of the Southern General, once the Western Infirmary has closed.

There will be representatives from NHS, the Scottish Ambulance Service and SPT, and the meeting will be on Monday 23 February at 7pm in Drumchapel High School, 45 Caledonian Ave, Glasgow G15 7SQ.

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1 Response to meeting about transport to new South Glasgow Hospitals

  1. I feel that this is a very important issue – and although organised by Drumchapel, for which I thank them, it affects us all in Kelvindale. The Western, for all it’s faults, was of course right on our doorstep and the new hospital needs to have practical access rather than access dictated by planners who have no idea as to the logistics involved. If you live in Kelvindale then do try to get this meeting.

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