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This update is from George Gillespie at LES (Land & Environmental Services) via Cllr John Letford:

You can also get live info on which roads have already been gritted here (it’s quite nifty).

A Winter Gritting Action Plan has been instructed.  In advance of the forecast snow, non priority roads and pavements are currently being gritted and the non priority road gritting will continue overnight Tuesday. Also, the 1,418 grit bins in the City are being checked and filled as required. After this the focus will switch to gritting of priority pavements from 5.30 am and gritting of priority roads from 8.00 am both on Wednesday. Depending on the severity of the snow event it may be necessary to undertake repeated treatments of the pavement and road priority network to maintain safety for road users. Otherwise the gritting of non priority roads and pavements will recommence.

The Winter Gritting Action Plan will involve 200 LES operatives, 38 large road gritters, 26 large and medium tractor gritters, 16 mechanised and 32 trailed pavement gritters, 56 pavement ploughs and hand gritting squads. A number of external contractors have been placed on standby to ensure their availability should their assistance become necessary due to the snow being more severe or lasting longer than currently forecast.

In addition to the above resources, self help measures are available.  Rock salt supplies (10 kg) to assist resident self help is available at Victoria, Greenfield, Springburn, Kings Parks, Dawsholm, Polmadie, Easter Queenslie and Shieldhall Depots.

I have attached, for your information, a link to the Winter Maintenance Plan . Further updates will be issued as necessary.


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