Kelvinside Academy nursery at Balgray

Kelvinside Academy have notified us that they will soon be submitting a planning application to build a Pre-5 nursery at Balgray playing fields. Detailed plans are not available yet, but they have shared with us this site plan. Expect more on this soon.

UPDATE The planning application has been lodged, and you can access it here [see update below for easier link]. The reference number is reference 12/00274/DC and the planning officer is Mr A Dale 0141 287 6016. The deadline for making representations to the council is 28 March.

UPDATE 15 MARCH Kelvinside Academy would like to meet with residents at Balgray on Tuesday 20th March at 6.30pm. Please email if you are planning to attend.

UPDATE 20 MARCH The deadline for representations to the Council regarding the application is Wednesday 28 March. These can be emailed to . You must provide your name and address: full details on how to make representations are in the council’s Have Your Say leaflet here. According to this, ‘Traffic, parking and access problems’ are considered material grounds for an objection. Note that your representations will be published in due course on the council’s website.

Finally, to save you fighting through all the documents on the planning website, the actual proposal is here (it may take a minute to download).

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